Your take on Income Sharing Program for Nigerians

My team and I have been making plans on building a school of learning in the area of technology such as software engineering, data science, designs courses . However, we are looking at taking the income sharing program route, where students pay back after they are done with studies and have a job, more like Lambda school approach.

Is this very feasible in the Nigeria economy/market?


Have you heard of Andela? I hope so.

-Where are your people starting from? The less they know, the more you have to spend before they’re employable
-After they’re employed, what do they earn? The ideal situation is that they earn high enough that you can recoup in a shorter time without collecting, maybe 45% a month? (Research what the highest tax is, I’m sure there’s some wisdom to the number)

After doing all that math, I hope the number of companies who can pay that amount for your people are enough.

@stigwue thanks for the feedback, frankly speaking, we can’t say exactly this is exactly what it takes to place these people but what we have realised is that it might be difficult to place the initial ones, we believe the testimonials can serve as a way to buy in the trust of other employers.