You Should Know: Paystack not 1st Nigerian startup to get into Y Combinator

Paystack is often regarded as the first Nigerian startup to get into Y Combinator (arguably the world’s most successful startup accelerator).

This is more so because immediately after Paystack came a spike in tens of prominent YC-backed Nigerian startups like Flutterwave, Kobo360 and Cowrywise. And one could argue that many of them owe their success to Paystack’s willingness to share information.

However, Paystack wasn’t the first Nigerian startup to get accepted into YC. Abuja-based online advertising startup, PetaSales was among the Winter 2009 batch. That’s 7 whole years before Paystack got into YC.

PetaSales is effectively dead now though. So I guess one could say Paystack is the first successful YC-backed Nigerian startup.

Now you know ;).


Very informative. I had no idea they were backed by YC.

They are backed by YC and (later) Stripe, Visa, Tencent (parent company of WeChat), Jason Njoku’s (now defunct) SPARK, and a host of others.

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