Woman of science who discovered COVID-19 in Nigeria

Dr Allison Amarachukwu in addition to being a medical doctor is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur from Imo state. She graduated from the University of Port Harcourt in 2013 and has been practising medicine for 7 years now.

Nigerians from all over the world have been curious about this amazing woman who was pivotal in the identification of the first coronavirus case in Nigeria.

After seeing a patient came in with symptoms of the virus, Dr Amarachuwkwu was diligent enough to follow hospital protocols and policies regulations even though the patient didn’t show all the typical symptoms. His travel history had made her suspicious enough to move quickly and nip things in the bud and prevent further spread of the virus. Due to her sharp thinking, the Coronavirus had been contained for several weeks and had it not been for the late travel restrictions we might have survived this pandemic relatively unscathed.


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