Why even bother building a business?

With the world speeding towards the apocalypse (A.I., Neuralink, politics, climate, monopolies, etc.), why even bother building a business?

i saw this question on Indiehacker. it made me laugh but also got me thinking.

additionally, in a country like Nigeria where the odds are often agains founders by default, it can be quite discouraging to even bother building a startup.

what do you think?

If the solution is motivated more by ones passion and any monetary gain is seen as compensation for work well done. Then you have every reason to build a business in Nigeria. There’s literally problems begging for interdisciplinary solutions everywhere you look in Nigeria.

But if your motivation is monetary gain and ease of setting up/doing business. Honestly, if you are decently smart or an absolute nutcase, you can be an insignificant cog in the system in any western country outside Nigeria and make decent middle class money and come back to Nigeria to preach the ‘Immigrate as soon as you can’ apostle.

Ultimately, It boils down to ones motivation and where one lies on the ‘Nigeria owes me this, that’ spectrum . What do you think ?


This is why Nigerians need to wake up, and start solving problems, because our future is in our hands.