WhatsApp Pay vs Paystack Commerce

If WhatsApp Pay launches in Nigeria, what will happen to Paystack Commerce? My prediction is that Paystack Commerce will struggle.

While Paystack is good for eCommerce merchants who maintain their own websites and need payment infrastructure, Paystack Commerce is susceptible to WhatsApp as
an eCommerce payment offshoot due to how convergent WhatsApp is to our lifestyle. With WhatsApp Pay, you can chat with the customer, do marketing and send updates through WhatsApp status and collect payments through WhatsApp Pay on the same app that most of your customers already use on a day-to-day basis.

We are really in interesting times. What do you all think?

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Paystack commerce will always thrive. There are numerous reasons I personally won’t use Facebook.

Facebook is risky to build for the long term.

Truth I don’t feel safe there, your efforts to build community and business could get crushed with a single ban without explanations or opportunity to sort the issues but it aren’t same with Paystack.

Days ago my whatsApp business account was banned for reasons I don’t know, I was careful enough, I had unfinished deals going on there. It all went down the drain until I had to recover the account by just logging into normal whatsApp but I lost important conversations

Honestly I can’t trust Facebook. Paystack is flexible and has time for you, paystack will listen, paystack will inform you.


That’s a nice angle you are coming from. Well done.

Paystack has an edge over Whatsapp pay. They already have customer base. Whatsapp will have to deal with that.

I believe there is room for everyone to participate and make an impact in our economy.

Banks are going into DIGITAL BANKING.

A lot of re-cycled website out there all in a bid to make money.

Covid-19 has thought us well enough to invest in the future.

A lot of companies has haulted there operations in Nigeria.

WHATSAPP PAY and PAYSTACK will succeed in Nigeria.

Lets embrace it.

Aha. WhatsApp has over 20 million users in Nigeria. Same cannot be said of Paystack. WhatsApp can easily integrate WhatsApp Pay without any issues and boom! We’ll start using WhatsApp Pay as the default p2p payment. Even commercial banks in Nigeria are not safe from WhatsApp Pay. Let’s be watching this space.


Integration will be easy.
Onboarding will be hard.

For some serious sellers I know, long term is their core goal. Nobody wants to wake up one morning and your whatsApp account is banned for reasons you don’t know just like it happened to me.

Your customers, products, services and discussions are at stake. Even though they out up a support service, it will take long time for them to respond.

Especially if you business with dusky transactions.

Two months ago, some of my Facebook posts were flagged, I complained and they figured their system did it wrong. At times they take ages to respond.

For now we good, whatsApp pay should rest first.

So, in essence, platform trust can be a big barrier to entry. Let’s see how it plays out.

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Also, I think for WhatsApp Pay to operate in any country, they’d need a mobile banking license and may need to set up a local support team.

What’s the implication of this?

If WhatsApp Pay obtain a mobile banking license in Nigeria and set up a local support team, it means they’ll be able to at least mitigate the issue of customer support, customer education and eradicate distrust like in your case.

There are a lot of possibilities here. But in the same vein, I believe Paystack has a brilliant team and they’ll definitely iterate Paystack Commerce and come up with a solution that is at least competitive and can give WhatsApp Pay a decent fight. Let’s watch this :slightly_smiling_face:

Is Paystack commerce solving an actual problem ?

WhatsApp pay is a big treat. Paystack commerce will be affected but won’t it won’t crush them.

I feel WhatsApp pay will succeed in Nigeria, but there is gonna be Trust Issue.

Like who to fall back to when transaction fails… Everyone want reliable service. WhatsApp customer support is poor compare to paystack, where you are give real support.

For me, Whatsapp can win P2P transfer and purchase of Ads status credit( ads credit etc) but Paystack commerce will still win the commerce for SMEs.

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i agree with @Solze 100%

My simple take here, I strongly feel Whatapp Pay will drown Paystack , they are a major threat to all in the game.

As for Paystack, i did try to use their e-commerce platform ( a user testing i carried out), i found some flaws , its not so simple oh! for the average person its not at all, massive user education is required & user friendliness is somehow, i even had someone call me to ask about how to get around some functions on the platform, i couldn’t help ( i resemble staff of Paytstack ni?)

Oga @luckyhenry you say"Paystack will always thrive", that’s a bold one considering our very volatile social-political terrain, reminds me of Max.ng, gokada, uber, bolt and co limited, na ordinary state government dey shake them despite the huge investments running into millions of $$$$$$ ( they even say na blood money, we no want imagine ). I am sure they all thought that they will always thrive some months back.

You say Facebook is too risky to build , How , what proof do you have?

Sorry if Facebook hurt your feelings or something sir,

But Facebook remains a source of potential clients for quite a number of small online biz folks here hence the huge consideration of Facebook ads for business. Facebook has seen revenue growth of over 25% and a steady growth of users on a daily and monthly basis. Facebook stock performance in the past year has been fantastic ( 67% rise). You don’t need to trust Facebook , don’t waste your trust.

Lets leave Facebook and face Whatsapp , least i forget , Hope you are aware FB owns Whatsapp and Instagram ,ehen!. And i am sure you are very knowledgeable of the total number of combined users this platforms share, users that are already transacting businesses? Hope you know how big Instagram is with online businesses in our area here?

See, bcos Whatsapp shut down your account does not change anything, I sense you are pained and all but leave sentiments out of it.

The American Government don’t even have the balls to shut down Facebook, bawo , How?
As for Paystack, ordinary Circular lasan-lasan go shut them down forever, This is Nigeria. Make we talk truth for here biko. I will off my mic now.

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