What's the idea behind recycling cast in Nollywood movies that make it to Netflix?

If it’s safe to assume, I’m not the only one that wasn’t a fan of Nollywood until Netflix. And I must admit, what we see now are movies with intriguing plots, not-the-regular-rushed scriptwriting, top-notch delivery, high-budget shots, and all. Impressive!

There are about 50 Nigerian movies on Netflix, and it’s about to get groovy with Netflix Naija!!

Apart from the few that have stolen my heart before getting licensed to Netflix, like October 1, I noticed that recent (popular/new) movies have faces like Sola Sobowale, Adesua Etomi, Ramson Nouah, Yule Edochie, Funke Akindele, Kate Henshaw (You know them na, add yours) recurring.

Am I complaining? Of course not. These people do amazing stuff. But it’s only a matter of time before they begin to wear viewers out (am I wrong to think that?)

Is this like a marketing move? Probably, a case of ‘the more influential the cast, the more it will trend.’
What do you think?

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I think it’s more of a studio/contract thing, and the case is similar abroad too. A lot of the Netflix originals, especially the more recent teen-focused ones, tend to have recurring cast.

And the newbies never get a chance on the fine screens :neutral_face::unamused:

The way I see it is this; you know these movies show in movie theatres first before they get to Netflix. And since big names attract people to the cinemas, it makes sense for movie producers to cast famous actors.

Since we now have Netflix Naija here to make originals, I hope that more up and coming actors will have the opportunities to get their breakout roles.


Let’s hope so, although it’s not looking like it.

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