What You Need To Know About Car Suspensions

When you ask most people about cars, what theyd probably mention first are the looks, the size, the engine power, the top speed, and in some cases, the sound it makes. What they dont know is that all the looks and power won`t mean anything if the car is uncontrollable and not comfortable to drive. This is where the importance of suspension comes into play.

Let me not bore you with too much technical talk. The major functions of the car suspension system include
Providing maximum contact between the tire and road surface.

Supporting the weight of the entire vehicle.

Providing stable steering and good handling.

Ensuring maximum comfort of the passengers by absorbing and dampening shock from even road surfaces

How Do You Know If Your Suspension Needs A Fix? Well, below are some of the few obvious signs you`d see.

You would feel every single bump on the road- this is likely the most obvious of the signs of a bad suspension system, and the main concern here are the shock absorbers. You will need to check them out for fluids leaks or replace them if they are damaged

Oily shock absorbers- it is highly advisable to inspect every part of your car at interval, the suspension system included. If you notice the shock absorbers are looking greasy or oily, there`s a chance that you have a leaking shock absorber

Driving and rolling/squatting-This isnt the fancy kind of rolling youre thinking of! You see when you brake and your car leans forward or nose dives or squats backward when you accelerate, or it rolls from side to side when you`re cornering, these are cues for you to take your car to the shop ASAP

Steering Difficulty- Steering becomes difficult, especially at low speeds when there`s a problem with the suspension or steering system. Do not try to manage this, get it to your mechanic immediately.

These signs of a faulty or damaged suspension system should not be overlooked as they might have safety implications to you as the driver and also to the pedestrians. So if you notice any of them, please try as much as possible to get your car checked by a trained mechanic. SAFE DRIVING!!!