What Unique Features Are You Looking Out In A Forum

There are so many forum website out there that gives rooms for users to create conversation and discussed, but I noticed that majority of forum I’ve seen revolves around creating thread and want people to comment except the niche type of forum that narrow thier discussions to a niche topics like a tech base forum, android base forum and the rest.Those niche forums are useful in terms of thier expert advices and they are solution driven, one can benefit so much. I think forum website should bring to the table than just to create conversations and reply.

I run a forum website on general niche https://naijafans.com and as a tech enthusiastic and a forum addict I’m working on an andtoid forum niche https://androidappforum.com but thinking about a more unique ideas and features that can benefit my community and members.

Do you have an idea :bulb: in your head of that thing or ideas, tools you wish a discussion forum could have that will benefits, members or online communities in general.