What’s the best organic marketing approach for a new product?

I’m pretty sure most of us already know that organic growth on Facebook is basically a myth today. Twitter, on the other hand, depends on virality to get the word out, and that often is a matter of luck.

So all these considered, what do you think is the beat way to promote and grow a Nigeria-focused digital product (like a newsletter or podcast) on the internet, esp. social media?

@sammie to grow digital products like newsletter or podcast in these neck of the woods is a though one ( i subscribe to none) . Before thinking of growing it , first test this assumptions, the metric obtained will give better insight . Personally, i know this digital products ( newsletters & podcast) are very unpopular across board…

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Hmm… I beg to differ. I think they’ve both been gaining wide acceptance these days, especially the niche ones.

@sammie ok, but only number will tell , plus this digital products are tied to the users area of interest e.g topics/subjects and interest. I suspect Podcast are predominately popular around certain circles of interest etc and its only gaining interest in a small circle. Sure you guys have data of folks that listen to your own podcast, i bet the numbers aren’t impressive , are they? so , bro, the matter get key-leg somehow sha. Abstractly, I see radio, youtube, live-instagram, live-facebook, zoom as key “Hindrance” ( not competition pa say) here.

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@sammie as for news letters, i see this product as a “follow waka” in nature. For example, bcos of my interest in TEch news , i visit Tech-point website , chances i subscribe to your news letter is 40-60. So , image if i had no interest in the subject matter in the first place, your guess is as good as mine…

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Totally understandable.