What if We are Shut out of Internet?

Hey guys, recently I have been thinking.
What if our internet gets shut down one day, are there any known alternatives we could use to speak to the world?

I would appreciate your inputs, as well as any resource to read further.

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Well, from other African instances, we’d hope the block might be improperly implemented such that VPNs might allow us get through.

Otherwise, you’ll hope you have an independent connection, VSAT? Or anything other than the telecom ISPs.

If the undersea cable is cut… well, maybe we could beam some signals to a neighbouring country? Not sure.


Frankly, I’ve never even considered this… and the thought of it is quite frightening. I assume if the shut down is, for example, in just Nigeria, a VPN might help bypass the restrictions.


Most internet shut down are politically motivated.
So when it happens it means everyone will have to wait for the government to put it back on.
Any other means of communicating with the outside world will be a sabotage.


The shit down here isn’t website blocking.
I mean your “E” “H+” and LTE won’t come up.

Network shut down, VPN apps won’t even connect.
I once had a taste of the slice in a little town in Delta state.

On the day of an election in this town, the network in the entire region was shut down. Like totally off. Weeks later at my workplace, I met some group of elders where one of them who been a politician of XYZ party was boasting they shut down the network so their opponent if ABC party won’t be able to communicate with each other.

They, the XYZ party had concrete plans well laid out, as soon as the election started they hijacked the network (via influence) and switched it off so their opponent would have their plans ruined

Guys, I had important stuffs to sort out that morning. Imagine having an important and crucial call with partners?

Or health emergency pops with loved ones or friends?


You need to remember there are several ways you can get to the internet.

What you’ve described looks like the path through a GSM operator(s) was cut off.

If you had a connection via an ISP with fibre connections to Lagos (from Delta), you should have been fine.

If cut at Mainone or one of the other peeps through which our data flows to the Atlantic cables, you have satellite links.

There are several scenarios but the summary is:

  1. If incompletely blocked e.g by jamming, you might find a way.
  2. If blocked entirely, you’ll find another path (issue might be cost and technology know-how)… if you’re patient enough, you can get online via regular audio calls (how modems used to work) but that’ll be incredibly slow.

Embassies should already have these sorr of contingencies.