What do you think of Nigeria having a full fledged gig economy?

If anything, tech companies and the teeming population of young people interested in tech are giving a strong backing for the gig economy in Nigeria and Africa in general.

From the uber driver, to the dev guys accepting contract projects, to the freelance writer, even the afterschool teacher, you’re all part of the growing gig economy.

But I have my fears…

On a large scale, I believe it will definitely help the economy and at the same time relieve people of absolute unemployment (if you get what I mean).

But then, with no proper structure to protect people taking up gigs as it is(to an extent) for people in formal employment, these people will be at the short end of the stick.

Are you part of the gig economy? What has been your experience? How can it be better?

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You have a point. Not sure the populace can survive on a gig economy but a full fledged gig economy has the potential to serve as a support system especially in reducing unemployment as you pointed out. That is, those that couldn’t get full employment will have the gig economy to fall back to.