What do you think about an e-learning platform like Udemy for Nigerians

Guess you guys are doing fine. There is a web app idea am planning on building but I ain’t sure if it’s a right and bright idea.

The idea is to build something like udemy or skillshare for Nigerians only. I have seen many people selling different courses and videos tutorials on different skills and this get me a bit worried. Infact, some even organise tutorial classes on whatsapp and telegram, Haba why na?

Like can’t we have our own udemy where people can easily share their knowledge and make money and where people can easily pickup new skills without going through the hassle of all these payment stuff.

There are many news features I will love to implement on the web app. What’s you views, what do you think???

Good idea but have you developed app before?

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Good idea. One problem with our people is that we hate to patronize our own. I hope your project becomes a reality.


Great Idea!
But I don’t think you should build for Nigeria only. Build for the Africa or more.


Yeah… Like @ogmaro said. It’s a good idea but your focus should be on Africa and not Nigeria alone. Having Nigerians alone on the platform will give you a tough time before buying into the idea


No I haven’t. Am a Front end developer, I only specialise in front end development. But udemy is not only available as an app. Besides maybe I might get an app developer as a co-founder.

That’s one of Nigerians problems. We don’t value our own

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Thanks. Building for Africa is a good idea but that will make it almost the same as udemy. There won’t be much difference between both

Thanks but what do you mean by having Nigerians on the platform will give me a tough time

But udemy is not only available as an app.??? Can you explain what you mean?

I think it’s a good idea that I’ve given some thought to. I think it’s workable but you have to consider some things:

  • Do a lot of research before you even start building. Go to Google forms and create a simple form. Target different age demographics in 5 year intervals and figure out what the most desired skills are amongst the different demographics
  • Talk to users: this is the secret weapon of every successful startup. Be obsessive about talking to your users. Do it on a weekly basis if possible. It’ll save you a ton of wahala (and money)
  • Your MVP doesn’t need to be perfect. Try to validate the idea without building anything. Create a WhatsApp/Telegram group for people who want to learn a skill and ask people to join. Try to sell courses without a website. Get a nice graphic designer to create some nice images with your value proposition and name
  • Nigerians patronize Nigerian products as long as they meet a level of quality that can complete globally. What Nigerians will not do is accept your product just because it is Nigerian
  • You need to tap into things people already want. A niche skill with value e.g programming, digital marketing, designing etc. Don’t try to do everything at once. Start will one skill if possible
  • Tap into people’s aspirations e.g I love WeJapa’s positioning because japa’ing is the number 1 aspiration of most young people. So you can go with positioning that emphasizes increasing earning potential, working remotely, and things young people are looking for
  • This research will help you in creating user personas and knowing who to target at launch. The more data you get, the more accurate your decision making process will be for who to target with marketing
  • Market the hell out of the MVP. Start with communities; campus/student, Facebook groups, hit the ground and do one-to-one introductions. Spend on FB/IG/YouTube ads if possible.
  • If you do go ahead and build, set up analytics early on so you know what your users are doing.

In summary, try to validate with as little resources as possible, build a nice MVP that taps into people’s aspirations, focus on a single (or few skill), be aggressive on the marketing side, and get into the analytics pretty early

Hope that helped


There was a tutor I meet in the recent week that said something about udemy being too expensive for his target audience.

I gave a good about of thought into it. Udemy pricing for users(not tutors) begins at over N4k and he wanted to sell his product at less than N1k funnily.
They might be others like him that udemy, youtube-private and their like wasn’t built for and you could explore that aspect.
Something under $10 and is available for the most developing countries and makes learning affordable and makes tutors happier. Paystack or flutterwave works well in Africa so you wouldn’t have to worry about PayPal and $20🙂.

You could also look at what teachable is doing also, I more impressed my teachable than udemy or other subscription base learning platform.

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Have you heard about UnifiedCamp?
It is a Nigeria bases webapp for e-learning for students in Tertiary Institutions.
It provides school resources and forums for interactions. In due time, videos for courses will be available so students can learn. Also, students can earn points through interacting (asking questions and answering questions).
https://unifiedcamp.com is the platform.

You said the truth. The idea is awesome, but our people and oyibo no b dsame.

Nigerians don’t patronize their own. I know of great Nigeria startup that have and run platform like udemy, but tutors don’t trust or patronize them.

In Nigeria, create what people can’t do without or what the white guys has not restricted us to use ( e.g PayPal , stripe) as Nigerians.

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@AbdulSamad Said for Nigerians.

Let us address that first before we go out side.
The white people are comfortable in their cloths

Lets do things that will benefit us first.
I want to say this to you @AbdulSamad

Go for it

Do Nigeria first then later Africa or the world.
An idea conceived today like yours can become the GOOGLE OF AFRICA tommorrow.
God bless Nigeria.

I have ideas too. No one to encourage me or support me.

I feel happy seeing someone say they have an IDEA.

It takes guts to speak out @AbdulSamad

You earned my respect sir.


Thanks for this. Wish I can buy you coffee. But there is something I think you don’t understand in the idea I proposed. What I want to build is a platform for instructors to sell their courses and for people to enroll in these courses and learn. The idea will work the same way udemy works. It’s not that am an instructor neither do I teach nor sell online courses. I got confused when you said " I should try to sell courses without website ". I understand part of the reply and get confused same time ooo. Thanks.

Thanks bro. Will find out more about Teachable

That’s Nigeria for you. Am not interested in fintech besides there are plenty of them now including paystack, etc

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Will work on it

@AbdulSamad Work with people to bring your dream to reality. It depends on you sir. If you want my insights i can offer my services.
But i dont charge.

I enjoy helping people a lot.
But i get to be part of the team once it kicks off.

By this i get monthly salary only after the website start making waves.

Presently i am assisting two people i met on this platform to set up a logistic website and an inveatment platform. I get to be part of it based on our agreement.

Send me a private message lets talk more