What advice would you give to someone with just an idea

I have an idea but no tech-experience on how to go about it.

Please I’ll your opinions on how to go about starting and getting a team.


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Morning @chiomaj kindly read this article by Xiaoyin Qu Founder & CEO of Run the World App, it should answer a good part of your question.
After you done reading the article i am willing to help with idealization stage , but do read the article first and if you gingered , hit me up.

Click to read Article

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@AlayeBaba thank you and I’ll do just that.

@AlayeBaba Just finished reading the article. It’s nice good that she didn’t give up…
My case is a little different though. I have ideas. I am not sure on how to go about executing and getting it out there.

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Generally speaking, putting yourself out there is the only way to turn an idea into reality.

Putting yourself/idea out there could be as simple as being more detailed about the idea so that you can get relevant help for progress, or even stress testing the idea with strangers on the internet so you know whether it holds or not to consolidate your knowledge of your idea etc.

But having an idea on its own without doing work is no bueno.

Brotherly, Just Start.

Start Anyhow !!!

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I’ll advise you make proper research about your idea first. It’ll enable you know what you are into, project the future of your idea and also know who to work with. Then when making decision on who to talk to or work with, try to be business minded and factual. Since you expect your idea to yield good furtune in the future.
I’m a final year student of unilag dept of insurance. Digital marketer, Seo and tech enthusiast and a researcher. I had an idea of starting a classified and e-commerce like jiji and jumia. After some interesting research I was too eager to start, I first co-founded a digital marketing agency pelnet.com.ng with two friends who don’t know anything about digital marketing and don’t have money. Later we became 5. Due to skills requirements. They’re my best friends actually, but the fact is that we hardly move together because the major work is on me and a guy (programmer) and it’s not possible sending them away.
So my advice is you calm down and research and plan but don’t ever drop the vibe.
Although our classified ads platform and e-commerce will be coming out soon we need investors. We hope to beat jiji and jumia. As we’ll be more grassroots focusing on collect business and ads data for some period making it free for users. Also hope to leverage on the fact that we’re in unilag as most tech companies start from college. We hope when school resumes we’ll hit a record of 15,000 users for both platform. We hope by 2022 we’ll control 40% of Nigeria e-commerce market.
All strategy is in the playbook.