Using Digital Bank for Business in Nigeria ... a Good or a Bad idea?

In Nigeria, it is always advised that we use a bank with a physical office in our locality for business :laughing: :laughing: at least we all know why. But in a situation we the bank that has a physical office in your locality has a very poor banking services ranging from frequent failed transaction, dispense error etc you all know our banking issues here in Naija. Hence causing you to visit the banking hall almost everyday of week.

Will it be a Good idea to switch to Digital banking platform ?

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…yeah, good to switch…its like going from analogue to digital . I am currently enjoying the service of one the digital banks probably the best so far in my opinion…


Digital Banking is the new NORM. I make use of Opay App, @ ease (stanbic app).

The truth about me is that i hate wasting my time in a bank.

I rem when gov fashola back then was trying to enforce cashless policy in Lagos, people kicked against it but he persisted. A lot of state in nigeria had to follow his foot step later.

Today we are enjoying the hard work of one man.

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Thanks for engaging, but which of the digital bank platform is that ?

I also use Carbon(Paylater) but not for business

So far, I’ve been enjoying the piggyflex of Piggyvest. For me, it’s like a digital bank. I actually keep all my money there and withdraw as needed. The only grouse is that CBN is milking me with their stamp duty charges as I move my money to and fro.

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Not sure I have visited bank since January 1st 2020, I don’t even wish to go there anytime soon. No I don’t

As for digital bank, Kuda is doing me well.