Twitter considering subscription model?

According to The Verge:

Twitter appears to be working on a subscription platform for its social networking service. A new job listing reveals that Twitter has a new internal team, codenamed “Gryphon,” that is “building a subscription platform.” Twitter is currently recruiting engineers to join this subscription team, with employees collaborating closely with the company’s payments team.

The job posting notes potential Twitter subscriptions would be “a first” for the company, but it’s not clear exactly how Twitter plans to implement a subscription service

The question now is, will the subscription model be for the social network itself, or is it a new product? If the former, what happens to ad revenue (which honestly hasn’t been that great, comparatively speaking)? And how will that impact usage and the current toxic nature of conversations there?

Whatever Twitter is planning, shareholders seem to like it.

Let’s watch and see. Perhaps, Twitter is working on some premium packages worth subscribing to.

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I’m surprised they haven’t lifted a page from Reddit: allow people buy hearts/likes to give out?

These platforms are so scared of scaring away users that sometimes you wonder if the moat is less than millions of VC funds which buys them months of leeway for course correction.

They should quickly consider this fact first. The impact it will have will be massive.
I am not against a paid sub but i believe
they have built a remarkable relationship
with their audience for so many years.
When i saw the head line i thought of their Audience. They matter a lot.

Let’s say Twitter makes you leave, where would you go? Facebook?

Not that there aren’t options to Twitter or these other social platforms… but these options will not quickly absorb the fleeing users without giving the mothership enough time to reverse any hurtful decision.

See Tiktok in India vs the Instagram alternative (I forget its name, Reels?). If Tiktok’s issue wasn’t that deep, they would have enough time to apologise before any alternative picks up steam but I guess no one wants to take such risks.

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We all remember what happened to linda ikeji’s SOCIAL MEDIA site (facebook look alike).
It was the talk of the town back then. She even attempted to pay peolple 1k for posting on the site.
We all know what happened. Her lies ended her dream b4 it even started.
She wasn’t transparent in her decision. No 1k, no support from her subscribers.
Any way she stuck to her blogging.

What i learnt from her experience is this:-

Allow your platform to grow

Dont be greedy

Be open minded

Dont do it alone

  • May God bless our hustle -

It’s probably for a new product, at least that’s what I choose to believe. Or is this Twitter’s response to the “why is this app free?” tweets we see everyday?? :thinking: :thinking:

Let’s watch and see.

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i feel you titi. Welcome on board once again.
Good to hear from you.
Your insight are imperative to this community.
I saw you last in 2017 at techpoint build.
welcome once again.

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I wonder who will use Twitter after that. They won’t change their current model I guess. I think I’ve seen something about it here before.

Twitter should just consider some options in e-commerce. :thinking:

When people hear about Twitter considering a subscription model, they first think about limitations to their existing abilities, which might not be the case.

But if you think of a subscription model tied to giving user new/super powers on the platform, it makes sense. people like exclusivity, people like to belong.

I look forward to what they’d build, I know people would pay, how many? I’m not sure.

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