Travel Blog turn Startup but I'm frustrated

Hey guys, so I started a travel blog, ( targeted at Lagosians in early December 2019 and have written over 80 contents so far with my team of 2.

Now the topics we cover aren’t just limited to Lagosians alone and the need for us to rebrand is near because we cover flights, visa guides, hotels, and anything just related to travel for modern-day travelers.

Now I want to rebrand and focus on building an app for hotel reservations and a few other things attached to the app. I am stuck between rebranding and how to go about beating my competitors.

What do you suggest I do now?

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Wow your blog really rock. I never knew lekki has a leisure lake. I am particlarly blown with your first hand experience and writting style. It takes someone who has experienced such an adventure to write the way you do.

My advice to you -

Rebranding to a whole new level is Aiit.
But pls stick to your the original plan of informing your audience of where to visit. People love to read. Am going to start visiting your blog regularly now.

I can promote your blog on my site.

Send me a private message sir.

Send me your whatsapp phone num.


Awesome, For Brand Name Suggestion, you can use this service:- .

Look out for:

  1. Short and Precise
  2. Unique Name
  3. Two or Three Syllable

Keep up the good work.


Thanks a lot Kingsley for checking out my blog. I really appreciate your advice as well and I won’t stop writing about travel related-contents.

Thanks a lot.

How do I contact you? Please check out our Teams page, I can’t reach you.

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As you have right said, you need to rebrand first. I will suggest you sort this out before the end of ttis month and you can launch the new brand on 01 August. If you are looking for what to look for in choosing your new brand, see

Once you nail this step, register your domain name and migrate your current site to it and then park your current domain on the new one. You also need to set redirection in place. This ensures that you don’t lose traffic from search engine and other websites that might have linked to your current domain.

All the best

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Interesting reply. Thanks a lot for the contribution. Definitely, I will do a 301 redirection (Permanent) so I don’t loose and web search traffic.

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