Timely App: Short audio drop-in chat without invites. Everyone is welcome

Hello Everyone,

Hope this message finds you well. We are working on our mobile app platform called “Timely”, a Short audio drop-in chat without invites. Currently, at the early stage of development, we are looking for users to test our App so we can learn more about their feedback.

Your audience, followers, clients, and fans can join your Timely room once they also join the Timely mobile app as well. When we are fully launched, you would retain your chosen username, room name, so no other user can use the name.

Please, kindly take some time to watch our app demo video to learn more about Timely

We are not fully open yet, but are eager to learn more about your feedback and your followers too, and hope that you would be a great addition to our growing lists of early users.

Timely is the direct opposite of Clubhouse, we value users privacy over profits.

Our app can be download from the Google PlayStore here

Kind regards,
Timely team

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Hey, I am Temis, a product manager with keen eyes on Innovative product development ( birth and death.)

I saw some wonderful potential with your app, and I am commending your efforts for this.
If you will be needing a certified product manager for your works, notify me let’s talk then.

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As we grow, we would need more people. Download, Create a room on Timely for your audience to drop-in.

Let’s us know your feedback, we are buiding continuously to bring more features on Timely.

What kind of feedback do you want? Are you recruiting sponsored users to help with this? I am confused. At the stage you are in now with all the heavy design and your app on the app store, it is easy to believe you have already done your homework developing your product so you won’t be getting product feedback because your overbuilt app will restrict and confuse people to focus on telling you only about features, instead of how your app is really helping them and solving their problem or why your product is the solution they have be waiting for.

The bottom line is YOUR APP LOOKS LIKE A PRODUCT not an MVP.

So what kind of feedback do you want?

What we are looking for in terms of feedback, is experience feedback. This is based on other users experience who have similar products, or users who are looking to get into the Audio Only Social Network Space.

Currently only Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and Timely is in that space right now, and all are still learning from users experience. Although, Timely is a small player right now as we just getting started and not know yet.

The feedback we get fro early users, who actually use the app, will continue to shape new feature developments. We would be looking for user are used to Clubhouse or Twitter Space platform. Not users who are looking to test the design as aspect, rather the usability of the app.

Currently, the version we have for us is considered Minimum Viable Product (MVP), with limited future. So any user interested in trying out the app. We would appreciate if they download it, and create a rom and have a session on the App.

Thank you

I understand now.