The Right Books for Nigerian Businesses

Hello all,

What book would you recommend for a startup founder, putting into consideration our “local” circumstances?



Hi @Sam,

My favourites are:
Zero to One - by Peter Thiel
Start with Why - Simon Sinek
Currently reading Hit-refresh by Satya Nadella
To understand how to run a business in Nigeria, you should get Small Business, Big Money by Akin Alabi.


The Everything Store – The blob below explains ‘Narrative Fallacy’. You’ll understand that it’s very pertinent to the Nigerian startup culture/world and you can’t afford this error of judgement if you want to match/surpass current Nigerian success stories.

“When Brad Stone met with Jeff Bezos to solicit his cooperation for the book, Stone wasn’t prepared for one of Bezos’s questions: “How do you plan to handle the narrative fallacy?””

The narrative fallacy, Bezos explained, was a term coined by Nassim Taleb in his 2007 book The Black Swan to describe how humans are biologically inclined to turn complex realities into soothing but oversimplified stories. Taleb argues that the limitations of the human brain resulted in our species’ tendency to squeeze unrelated facts and events into cause-and-effect equations and then convert them into easily understandable narratives. These stories, Taleb wrote, shield humanity from the true randomness of the world, the chaos, of human experience, and, to some extent, the unnerving element of luck that plays into all successes and failures.


In Taleb’s book — which, incidentally, all Amazon senior executives had to read — the author stated that the way to avoid the narrative fallacy was to favor experimentation and clinical knowledge over storytelling and memory.

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This is Marketing by Seth Godin

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