The iPhone is finally getting multitasking video. What in the 2014?


Recently, during WWDC20, Apple announced iOS 14 with a couple of new features, including picture-in-picture video that enables you multitask while watching video (pictured above). I can’t help laughing out loud. Even before it became a native Android feature in (2016/2017?), budget phones in the LG L series, that were released in 2014/2015, for example, already had this feature

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Lmao. With the new homescreen, it seems like they couldn’t decide between Windows 8 tiles or Android Widgets. I’m not surprised by the “new” features though, iPhone users will still celebrate it.

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it’s hilarious, I used that video and non disruptive call features on my Android 5.1 itel phone in 2017 a local champion :joy::joy:. At least it’s a good one, no more disruptive calls.


o wow amazing … android or some phones as phones had this option for years lol …