Ten-Ten Weekly comics(MVP)...what do you think?

My company (Guereza Animation, guerezanime.com) launched a comic-strip like Ikebe Supa of the 90s, or your regular comic-strip in newspapers or Japanese manga (black & white), but in this case a newsletter where every weekend you receive a unique story of everyday Africans and their stories.

here is the link to the MVP: Episode 1

Looking forward to what y’all think, and how best you think we could grow subscribers.

The art is good, but the feedback I want to give here is the fact that the comic isn’t built for mobile. You can learn a lot from Korean manhwa platforms like the app ‘webtoon’ published by tech company Line. If you can recreate your comic for smartphone consumption just like manhwa, you will be able to build a business around your skill…and also, I like the story.