Strapi The Best Headless CMS

Building restful API can cause a lot of stress, but there are many options that we could use to manage our contents online and add no stress to ourselves, this choice usually come when we are about to host personal website, portfolios or business platforms.

One thing that a good business entrepreneur who is targeting customers online, is to think about a medium for storing contents online, the cost, the security and most important how fast it is going to be.

I have been a bit off duty due to some circumstance to drop hints and tutorials for developers in this community, a big apology for that. is one of the best leading open source headless cms for storing your data, it is self hosted, as well as modeled perfectly. It has similarities with mongo db, if you can recall mongo db uses schema to perfectly structure your collections.

Strapi works like that but you do everything on your local host visually without delays.

When you setup a simple mysql database using the phpmyadmin, you will have to set up the structure, but on strapi it is more colourful and more understandable, you do less with booleans or numbers or strings, as you easily make the selection visually on the web app.

I have put down a 22mins video you can as well watch it and learn how to use strapi.
Strapi in 22mins , we used postman to make different request and made sure it was able to register, get tokens, store data and retrieved data.

Strapi allows you to protect your routes for only authenticated users, add users from the admin panel and even create collections. You can also add data to your collections and save them immediately while they reflect in seconds to all your front end apps.

I have deeply fell in love with strapi and would suggest for it, if you are building a large scale business application, you can visit the official website for more.

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