StartUp vs Company

So I am a bit confused about the difference between a start up and a company…

First, What is a Startup?

  • Is it a product/service?
  • Is it a company?
  • Is it one company focused on one product/service

Secondly, do I need to get registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)?

  • Can’t I just come up with an idea, purchase a domain name, open social media accounts without any registration?


site registered with CAC as Remark Hotel Booking Limited Have “Copyright © 2020 Hotel Booking Limited v7.5. All Rights Reserved” on their website
Buy Coins HELICARRIER DEVELOPMENT STUDIO LTD Have “© 2019 Helicarrier Development Studio Limited” on website

Why do they have © year registered company name at the bottom of their websites?

  • Does the © protect someone else from using their product/service name or domain name?
  • Why are their product/service names not trademarked instead?

Copyright means you can’t copy their designs, texts etc on their website more like word for word.

Other than that, it is still irrelevant and can’t be enforced.

Also Startup or Company both are the same, they are company that need to be registered with CAC, startup is just a fancy name that replaced new venture

Website name is just name does not have to be same as the registered company name.

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Thanks @jameso.

Pls could you elaborate more

Startup = Company = Business

This means every business need to register their business as a company with the CAC to operate legally in the country, and for the purpose of paying taxes etc

Website name, can be anything for example and does not have to be the same with the registered company name. (Website name) = PiggyTech Global Limited - RC 1405222 (Company name)

Calling your company, business a start-up is just for fancy sake as it just mean you are just starting your business.