Startup Awards in Nigeria

Hello everyone,

recently I had the opportunity of meeting a co-founder of an event company and the topic of startup awards and its relevance came up. I would like to hear opinions, experiences and suggestions.

Thank you for sharing

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Hello, you can check out Techpoint Startup Awards nominees here:

The event is scheduled to hold as part of Techpoint Build 2020 next week! You can register here:

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i think startup awards, like any kind of award, encourage teams doing exceptional – and often thankless – work in various areas. sometimes that external validation may be what they need to keep pushing.

also, it could be a way to foster competition (the constructive kind). for example, competing for an award for best customer service could cause startups to improve on their service – which would, in turn, benefit the customers.

but i acknowledge that anything with pros would also have its cons, and startup awards are not an exception.

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@OboviA @sammie Sadly i don’t share in this concept of “awards” let alone a start-up award…its totally irrelevant if you asked me and more of playing to the gallery…i strongly feel the tech space does not need this shenanigans, not at all.

Award events has become a format/template in this neck of the woods…you start something good, the next thing , lets throw an award…

I am not frowning at awards completely …in my opinion , not everything needs the fan-fare…not the tech space…

My advise , drop this award thing and stick to your fantastic work of writing about tech in Africa…don’t water down your image with this…trust me , writing about tech companies & organizing tech events is all the props the space needs and you guys are doing a darn good job at it…

I am sure the buzz about the award thingy has been poor…prove me wrong.

However, i could be totally wrong.