Product of The Week: PENG

Hello, Community! Welcome to this week’s edition of Community Product Hub

Our Product of The Week is PENG pitched by @temi

Product category: Celebrity Engagement

Product tagline: Creating exciting fan experiences.

Product link:

What is PENG?

PENG is an online community that brings African talents and fans together. Through its mobile application, people can book and pay for personalized video shout-out from celebrities.

What inspired your PENG?

I wanted to surprise my wife with a personalised celebrity shoutout during our wedding. I was unable to get a video but got a congratulatory message via Instagram from her favourite musician. She was blown away and I felt others would love to have a similar experience.

What problem is PENG trying to solve and how?

It is super difficult and expensive for people to have personal contact with an admired celebrity. Our platform gives people direct access to African celebrities and gets them a personalised video shoutout at a significantly cheap price in less than 7 days.

Over to you Community, @temi will like to get your feedback about the user experience of the product and celebrities you would like to have on the platform.

NB: If you’d like to be featured, apply here:

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@temi this is fun to be honest , nice.

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Thanks a lot @AlayeBaba

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@temi you guys need to be very creative with getting users to jump on this and gain some good traction , asin very very creative.

@AlayeBaba Thanks for your comment. We are open to ideas and thoughts that can move the brand forward. You can email me directly via so we can discuss more.

This is quite interesting @temi. I understand that it’s still an idea for now, but have you thought about how you will generate revenue from this?

Also, how do you solve the chicken-and-egg-problem? You need A-list celebrities on there to get more users interest. On the other hand, A-list celebrities won’t see the value of signing up if there isn’t a sizeable number of users.

Thanks for the questions @MuyoSan. PENG has actually passed the idea phase, we have started generating revenue and growing the business steadily. We currently have 100 celebrities signed up and the team is trying to build more traction.

As regards the “chicken-and-egg problem”, I am happy you noticed that. It is something we struggle with while trying to sign them up. We basically convince them as much as we can and share our vision. For those who get it, they come onboard immediately. For those who do not, we give them another 2 - 3 months, they would surely change their mind.

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