Product of The Week: InternPlug

Hey, Community! Welcome to today’s edition of Community Product Hub

Our Product of The Week is InternPlug pitched by @Josylad

Product category: Saas

Product tagline: Get Internships and Intern Jobs

Product link:

Meet InternPlug

InternPlug is a dedicated internship search and recruitment portal where companies and organizations can find and hire talented individuals to fill up internship roles in their companies.

What inspired InternPlug?

I decided to build InternPlug after I failed at finding a platform to get internship opportunities especially for Africans in Africa. Most of the Internships recruitment platforms out there are focused on Europe and USA.

What problem is InternPlug trying to solve?

Finding internship placements especially in Africa.

@Josylad will appreciate appreciate feedback on how to grow InternPlug.

Over to you Community, let’s drop our feedback about InternPlug below. And if you’d like to be featured, apply here.

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How’s this different from Jobberman and Stutern

interesting concept @Josylad! as someone who recently completed my internship program, i can confirm how hard it is to find good placement.

however, the website seems scanty on offers (i couldn’t find anything on biology and engineering). i assume the startup is relatively new, so how do you plan to endure there’s always fresh opportunities for the various fields?

Jobberman is a general job hunting platform, it’s not niche specific or internship focused.

InternPlug is meant to be for internships and nothing else, just connecting interns with internship opportunities.

The platform is still new and we are still working on getting companies with internship programs to adopt the platform.
Also, it seems a lot of companies in Nigeria do not have an internship program/recruitment process, but I hope things get better and more companies see the benefits of hiring Interns and we hope to make the process easier for them.

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I think the location aspect might be focused on Nigerian states for now, since it seems your focus presently are Nigerians for now, instead of all the countries. Just my 2 cents.


right, i was also surprised seeing lots of countries listed.

The focus is actually Africa and that is why African countries are listed at the top of the country list.

Good job!!! But how do you verify those who posts job opening for safety reasons.

Well don @Josylad. But you didn’t answer @tage’s question about Stutern specifically. I’d like to know your thoughts

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@MuyoSan @tage
Stutern is geared towards Tech but InternPlug is for all industries. Other people aside Techy people need internships and that is why InternPlug is different.

Resources are very thin at the moment so I can’t invest much into manual verification, but there are some internal systems in place to curb spammers and make sure that the platform is save for everyone.

Also, all companies hiring will have a public profile, and anyone can easily deduce how legit they are by just viewing the company profile.

But more stringent measures will be available in the future.

Alright. That explains it.