Product of The Week: ChatFood Nigeria

Hey, Community! Welcome to the first edition of Community Product Hub

Our Product of The Week is ChatFood Nigeria pitched by @BillionDollarMan

Product category: eCommerce/Logistics

Product tagline: Delivering Happiness in a Meal Box

Product link:

What is Chatfood Nigeria?

ChatfoodNG is a food courier company that offers an online platform for restaurants and private food vendors, menu search, food discovery, on-demand food ordering, and delivery.

What inspired your ChatFoodNg?

I work in the tech community in Abeokuta, and it’s mostly difficult to get food whenever we are working at the office. So, I brought together a few of my smart friends to co-found the company.

What problem is ChatFoodNg trying to solve and how?

We created the platform to eliminate the growing challenges of getting food from your favorite restaurants to be delivered at your convenience.

@BillionDollarMan will like to get validation about ChatFoodNg and would love you to spread the word.

Over to you Community, let’s drop our feedback about ChatFoodNg below. And if you’d like to be featured, apply here


Is there really a large enough market for food deliveries in Abeokuta?

Food delivery in Abeokuta is a growing business, the market is not as large as Lagos, but we believe it will grow as time goes on.

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Do you have plans to take operations to Lagos?