Poll: Will you accept a pay-cut to permanently work remotely?

Will you accept a pay-cut to permanently work remotely?

  • Yes
  • Never

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Source: Deola Kayode Twitter


If I earn 200k monthly and spend 20k on transport and 30k eating junks, I’ll prefer to earn 150k monthly without the traffic stress, while eating healthy at home. :hugs: Sense will not kee me.


Walahi, sense wee not kee you.

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Says the man who (probably) voted no.

Hello, Tobi


Haha. Na I voted yes. He made sense.

What a beautiful Friday’s morning!

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@Adewale Honestly speaking the pandemic is not over yet. I strongly believe working remotely will continue for a long time. I preffer this option though because its convenient.

Remote Work makes sense, Inagine living in Ibadan where Cost of living is very Cheap and working remotely for a Company in Lagos

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Truth is, most of us were supposed to be working from home. The pandemic just made it clearer.

True but there are still trade offs tho

Most definitely, as long as the trade-off leaves me better off.

I think majority of the people who voted yes are based in Lagos :grin:

Considering dealing with the traffic issues every day… yes all the way :v:


Working remotely doesn’t reduce productivity neither does it cut down on your costs. Working remotely means more internet usage, more electricity usage, more food consumption (for the ones without self control) and more working hours.

Working from home shifts the mindset from an hourly paid job (9-5), to target setting and achievements which explains why most people work longer hours when they work remotely.

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I will gladly take a pay-cut to work from home, then I will move to another state in Nigeria, Lagos is just too stressful and expensive. :slightly_smiling_face:

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