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Hi everyone, pls I need anyone who can empower me on how to do programming, how to build apps and how to code mails and text to different people like Techpoint sent to us differently. Where can I learn and how much time does it take to learn . Thank you .

Hi @Melon, there are a lot of free resources online to learn how to code and send newsletters. I’ll share the ones i can think of now and keep updating this as i remember more.


Free code camp

Code wars

MIT open courseware

Khan academy

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Oh thanks so much for your time and help.

Find your passion. Softwares, Website, Mobile App are built following this career path

Business analysis (You work with client ad shape your software deliveries)
Data (You make coders work less complicated by handling the data later of things)
Coding (You bring the 2 together)

You don’t have to be a coder to be pro in IT. Research which career path you want and you will enjoy technology regardless

Hi James thanks so much for your time and response. I so much want to learn coding so what do I need to do , who do I need to meet t to learn and how long does it take ?

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You might be asking how to use a service like Mailchimp. Look at it first to see if it’s what you need before going down the programming route.

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Learning as they say is not hard, But I would say it is hard to learn something if you have no passion for it. Coding is about solving problems, thus you should learn the act of solving problems.

This simply means learning how to break thing down to smaller parts. This skill set would help you code better when you eventually start coding.

Another aspect to coding is that, it should be fun for you. Don’t learn coding because you want a job, because if your purpose of learning to code is to get a job, you would not be to the standard that would differentiate you, as you would just be another guy who code.

This mean you should always code anything that comes your ways, for fun and because you enjoy doing it. Many do not code beyond their desk at work. So pet products is your friend.

Also once you have learn the basic concepts. work on projects that are useful for yourself. There is always problems around you and you can always code to solve them.

For web development

Learn HTML, CSS, forget JavaScript for now.
Learn PHP forget framework, just learn how to code raw first.

Once you master those, anything else will become easy to understand

For windows applications

Learn either VB or C#

Remember your aim now is to learn for learning and not for a job.

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Lots of resources on YouTube, if you type the correct keyword


I’m so grateful for your response, thank you , I really need your write up to keep my head straight . I will search on YouTube. God be with you .

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