Need a technical or non-technical cofounder? Let's connect here

Like most of us know, finding the right co-founder is very important when starting out.

If you currently run a startup or building one and you need a cofounder, here’s your chance to find one.


Please Kindly Reach Out! Cheers


Sounds good as finding the right (especially tech) co-Founder can be as hard as finding the right better half partner or breaking a rock.

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This is a welcome idea. I have been finding it difficult to find a technical cofounder for quite a while. I do hope i can find someone through this platform

If you looking for someone to handle the sales and marketing side of things. Hit me up


What do you guys do

Your services might be of help to us. Please drop a line on

I don’t have a start up yet but I will like to have a technical person that I can learn from, brainstorm on ideas together and make efforts to actualize them

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Please reach out to me too

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My name is Frank Anthony, I am a founder of a public safety software and hardware startup that seeks to integrate user personal security detail with the IOT all in one dashboard. We are still in the prototype stage of our startup, and we are in need of a quick fund to complete Mvp, we are offering a 5% eqity stake for 250k (with a buy back clause of double the invested funds within 1year ) .
If you are interested and would want to know more, please write back or contact me via email:


Looks can be misleading …willing to help .

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Value attracts value as “deep calls out to deep”.

I will be honest to tell you that finding a “technical person” is easier when you know precisely what you want to accomplish.

The thought of having that person “brainstorm” with you on ideas is likely to be less appealing when YOU in particular do not have any ‘reward’ to offer for the person’s time. The worse will be both parties moving in circles without hitting a bull’s eye.


You do tech too?
I have a bunch of open source/basic ideas that works well for skills boosting.

Not a start-up just a quickly build something, run it and let it do its job alone.

One I’ve already written the script, is a Google scraper that extracts phone number and emails from search queries for marketers looking to generate leads.


This is amazing, can you give an update when it’s totally done? Would love to know.

Pls send me a mail @ Will need the services of a sales expert. Thanks

This sounds nice. But most of this marketing strategy rarely work.

Looking for someone to build your online business or eCommerce email marketing strategy? or someone to automate your book launch sales, customer services and more with email service tools like mailchimp?

Reach out to me at

Lets make your business seamless.

I am all about getting your more sales

Am looking for a co-founder. Either tech or non tech. I’ve got some ideas and am really looking for brilliant minds to work out things together. If you are interested, send me a message and let groove.


Hello Mr AbudulSamad, you can contact me on let’s talk and ruminate on your idea together.

Anyone working on a startup with a focus on education sectors?
Hit me up let’s talk please

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