Managing Developers/Source Code - Perspective of Non Technical Founders

What’s the best approach to managing developers and source code, remember this developers have personal life goals and would want to move on at a point in time…

Imagine he didn’t do a good work on referencing and labeling codes, how does the new developer pick up from where he stops?

Is there a right or wrong way to address this from the onset?


The easiest way, I’d say is to get a technical co-founder who has a handle on everything that is happening technically. Someone who shares in your dreams for the startup/business.

The Co-founder can setup a framework that developers joining the project can follow, I.E

  • Linters
  • CI/CD such as travis and such…

When this framework is setup, things will naturally fall in place if each developer is following it.

In the absence of a technical co-founder, you might want to at least make developers explain what is going on at each point. They will resist, or even get uneasy. But this is important because developers will come and go, but you are the only consistent entity in your business.

:thinking: this is all I can think of at the moment.


It is tricky.

First of all, you can’t force them to do so as good code is documentation in itself and it is most efficient if they do it of thier own volition.

The best you can hope for is that you have someone who is good at what they do enough to clearly label things which aren’t immediately obvious (temporary shortcuts they have taken or warnings of possible tech debt incurred).

You can also help by laying down some best practices such as using source code management tools: git/GitHub is most common and delegating the purchase of tools and services so that access is shared by default: servers, APIs and so forth (drop all passwords, encryption keys and such in a shared resource like Google drive, Notion or similar).

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Best way so far, also don’t forget to give him/her good equity o!

It takes a developer or someone with software development knowledge to really handle developers; the best thing is to find a Technical co-founder or take 2-3 months break to bury yourself in some Software development bootcamp so that you can at least have an idea of what is going on!