Kindly share your opinion about this please

##Your opinion is highly required please.

Hello everyone, today I will like to humbly seek for your opinion in order to validate one of my idea.

I am currently trying to run a bundling kind of business model. A process where you give customer vast access to preferable software at low cost.

A lots of techies here will testify with me that being from Nigeria has a very dissatisfying disadvantages, one of which is subscription payement in dollar

Saas software are now a major model of software offering this days but comes at a huge price especially for Naira users.

For a digital marketer or related field looking to apt their carrer,
you will understand that’s nothing beat having the right tools, it save you from lots of conflict.

But having to purchase them individually is a pocket drain, sometimes, you don’t end up liking them for non-free trial software, and getting refund will be a tussle fight, you did wish it’s shouldn’t have happened.

Getting your project doned perfectly will require you to purchase different kind of softwares of which the cost is astronomical for newbies who haven’t even tasted an ROI.
For this reason, you may end up settling with freebie which can have a devastating cramp on you in future.

To solve this problem, I propose using a bundling process, whereby regularly used softwares are bundled together as one and you did only have to make a single monthly subscription to have access to as many of them as you may need.

That’s is, you only need to continuously pay a monthly subscription and you then have access to many software of choice.
All in one dashboard such that’s you won’t be needing to buying them individually.

If this sounds interesting to you, then it does even more to me, but the problem is…

I have no idea how to go about this😄.

From business evaluation, it is insensible or even impratical to try purchasing license for almost all software people will be needing daily, that’s is even if there is a license for it anyway.

Secondly, I am afraid some company might resist this, why?

Because the combine total revenue generated for a single software company using this model might just be way lesser than having the customer buy directly from them, even though it saves then from customer acquisition cost and there is a promise of reoccurring income for them through us.

If you are me, what will you do?

How will you approach this kind of problem as an entrepreneur?

Your opinion count alot to me, you may also send me a personal message if you feel like discussing this privately.

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I like your ambition and the problem you are trying to solve. For me it’s actually a real pain keeping up with various software subscriptions and licenses, plus the extremely heavy cost.

1) Yes and No.

No, it’s not impractical and is totally possible as long as you are fully aware of exactly what you’d be getting into including all the challenges and roadblocks you might encounter from the start. (Like most things in entrepreneurship)

The Yes is for me. Personally, thinking about the complexity and all the complications may make me want to zero out the idea as maybe beyond my reach at this moment. I’ll get to that later.

2) You’re totally right to be afraid, and depending on how you plan to execute it (which is not clearly stated in your question), it may come easy or very difficult. You also stated exactly why you should be afraid. It has to make business sense to the companies.

4) I’ll answer this before the 3rd question because I first want to talk about how I would approach it before what my next steps would be. Also I don’t know if a service like this already exists so if you do, you can let me know.

For all we know this might be unnecessarily complex but my approach would be a cloud based solution. The applications would be installed on remote windows or linux based servers and accessed via a windows or mac application on the client’s computer. The app on the client side would handle file transfers, synchronization, transferring inputs and more. There could also be custom windows desktop tools on the servers to simplify and boldly display all relevant apps to the clients.

All that is the easy part. Navigating distribution and dynamic allocation of server resources, load balancing, optimizing latency and all the other server issues I don’t know about could come in challenging, and needless to say but the getting the capital for renting the servers and purchasing the licences up-front is also something to think about. It’s difficult, but possible. I can’t seem to think of easier ways to approach it. Google, Nvidia, Sony and Microsoft already figured it out for gaming (to a good extent), it should be possible to replicate for software.

Another thing I would have to consider is the legal drama of dealing with the software companies. That one ehn, only legal resistance can break the whole solution.

3) Lastly, for my next steps, I would try to start validating as soon as possible. (We don’t want to waste our time now, do we?)

I’d start by making sure there’s enough demand, and that there’s a profitable enough revenue model to sustain operations even at early stages. This would also include a search for already existing solutions for that exact problem and if there are any ones that tried and failed.

I would then look into services that offer similar or relevant solutions in varying industries. Few that come to mind are Splice, Google Stadia, Xbox Game Streaming, Nvidia Geforce Now and even TeamViewer. I’d do some research on the legal resistance some of them face and how they are navigating that landscape. I’d also talk to experts on Cloud Computing and other technologies that may come into play.

Of course, these are just ideas rolling in my head and there’s definitely more to consider here but there you go, my two cents.


More than a thousand cent to me.

Thanks very much for that insightful opinion, mind you, I am still talking my time to digest the whole concept.
Trust me to reach back again after my due diligence.
Thanks again Man!

OP. Check out Appsumo The business is built on offering deals on software.


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Thank you @wogunlade.
The website looks great, I will spend time examining it now, probably there are many things to learn from them.
I appreciate your time alot.