Is it right to make a dollar 💵 investment now?

Considering that awful exchange rate now, is it a good idea to invest in a dollar investment platform now?

What are the Pros & Cons of investing now?

What’s the best dollar investment a low income earner venture into now (Euro bond or??)?

What investment platform He consider (Rise, Chaka, Bamboo etc or??)?

I invest through Bamboo and Chaka. For me, there is never a right time to start. So, it’s better you start whenever you have little resources.

The stock market is a fast track to multiple or burn your money. You just need to know your plans before you start. Are you into it for a long term or short term?

No better time to invest in stronger currencies…remember , your returns are in same hard currency.

Long-term but I want to be investing little by little that won’t harm my immediate financial needs

Thanks so much Sir.


Which dollar investments is better for a Starter



sadly ,i am not an expert in that area, my knowledge is very limited.

For a start tho, i suggest you consider Ebuka’s suggestion :point_down:

plus you can always google stuff, jump on some podcast/youtube videos about the topic…stuff like that

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