iROKOtv has pressed "pause" on its growth efforts in Africa for the time being

Since the pandemic and its induced lockdown started in April, it’s been series of ups but mostly downs for iROKOtv.

From reduced consumer discretionary spending to government regulations, the company is shifting its focus away from Africa after 5 long and hard years trying to win it.

Their business model, is very hard to scale without huge funding in place. Also data is a major factor for such business.

For me Iroko lacks proper planning, this pandemic should be a way to scale higher …

No money for Naija to buy Data to watch videos that much, they need to just move their service to a smart TV. That way, they can expand globally. Not sure if they have one yet.

I ended my Sky subscriptions, since I have Smart TV, that comes with Netflix, Disney+, app and so many others. If Iroko is there for like £5 a month, I would definitely pay for it.

They have ROK on Sky, but then not many people really watch movie there anymore.

Just because the content is African does not mean that the customer must only be from the African continent.

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I agree with you. That’s why they’re focusing on their international markets (US and UK mostly) for growth.

How so? I think it’s just the Nigerian/African market because their international markets experienced growth during this period

Hello Tage,
I applied to Product Hut last Monday or Tuesday. I would like to change the link I submitted to the new Google play store which has just been approved.

Please, how do I go about it?

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