Introducing Techpoint Community Product Hub


You asked and we’ve listened.

Techpoint Community is introducing Product Hub, a sub-community where we showcase new products created by members of our Community.

Every Wednesday, @Nifemeah and I will feature one product or startup, tell you why they matter, and what they hope to achieve from the Community.

This will be a place where other members of the Community can provide insights, critical feedback, or establish connections with whoever is working on such product.

Apply to get your product or startup featured here:

We hope you love it.

Welcome to the Community Product Hub.


That’s a good idea. Are there any selection procedures or one’s startup will be automatically featured in as much the application form is filled. And will startup at the ideation stage be featured?

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The selection will be left to the discretion of the team behind the sub-community. Also, not every product will be automatically featured.

Yes, a startup at the ideation stage can be featured as long as it has an MVP, a website link, or any proof that shows some form of progress.


Woow. This is Great! Kudos.


Sounds pretty cool.

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Yeah. Hope you apply

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Not yet. But will surely do. Thanks

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I am impressed

This is a good idea, looking forward to hearing about the products that would be featured here.

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This is a good initiative, I just filled the form.

@tage Bravo! nice initiative… is it safe to assume selection process requires nay fees?


Is this similar to producthunt?

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Real nice! Our own Product Hunt!

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Yes chief, no fees required

Great idea! Kudos…

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in a way, yes.

The product or startup feature form is currently inactive

The product I wish to share is:… Its home healthcare delivery platform.

over to you sir @tage