Introducing Startuplist Africa šŸŽ‰

A few weeks ago we announced Startuplist Africa ā€“ a data-driven platform that helps you discover and gain insight into the African Startup Ecosystem.

The growth of investments in the African Startup Ecosystem presents a whole new horizon of opportunities for African startups but it is rather disheartening that most of the exciting startups have little or no access to these funding opportunities, largely because they lack the visibility they require, and also data about them are usually non-existent to enable investors conduct their due diligence.

Startuplist Africa seeks to bridge these gaps (opportunity and knowledge) by using a data-driven approach to help investors, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy-makers make guided decisions on their next ventures.

We are committed to making Startuplist Africa rich with valuable information on the African Startup Ecosystem and therefore welcome every feedback, support and constructive criticisms.


Absolutely love it.

@youngbobby fantastic, great job. Bookmarked this one already :+1:

Iā€™m definitely following this up.