If you had a time machine, would you go to the future or the past?

If you had a time machine and you could only go through once, would you travel to the future or the past?


The past to meet my first love.
Her name was Joy maha.
She died in school.
The news of her death shocked me till today.
She was an asmatic patient.
I long to see her again.


Future, especially if I’ve got only one chance. I’ll already know the past (current).

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I’m sorry for your loss.

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The past is set, little to nothing can be done about it. Also, I exist in that timeline so, I will go to the future, check all the stocks and startups that are doing well in the market and invest in them. I will also check all the football matches so I can bet on them.

Thanks sir

I will like to go to the past… I have a lot I would love to do better at :blush:


Since I could only go once, and there’s no immediate return ticket, I will go to the past, and be the most advanced person there, I’ll rapidly innovate things I already know would happen and take credit for it :wink:
I wouldn’t want to go to the future where I’m the least advanced and get stuck there.

But if there’s an immediate return ticket, then I’ll go the future, learn all the “greatness” and return to the present to do those things, since now I’m the most advanced.
I wouldn’t want to go to the past only to do invent what I know now (present) when I have the chance to go to the future and come back to lead the world. :wink:


You remind me of the movie Hot Tub Time Machine where someone went into the past and invented Viagra and Google among other things.


Smart, I link the way you observed both options and read between the question.

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Adding that movie to my watch list now.

Like all the opinions shared and will go to the past as well. Utilizing every skill and experience I’ve now to change a lot of things.

Even if it’s to earn Nigerians about this present leaders we have now :crazy_face:


this is the next movie I’ll watch… lol

I don’t want to go through it, I just want to rent it to those of you that want to escape the present🌚

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