I need a website and an app?

I need it for a logistic buisness. I want the app to work as a message app. Once my customers request a delivery then they put the infor on the app. No payment gateway integrated on the app. I can send my clients my account details.

In phase 2 i will tell the developer to integrate a payment gateway.

Am on a low budget on this one.

My elder sister will be in charge of the day to day running of the website and app because she has a logistic firm already.

I need yr sugestions and your recommendations.

Nice one. I’m building something in that line, like a logistics marketplace. Maybe your sister can signup among the first users when we launch early July.


Wow, thats cool. pls send me a private message. i need yr phone num. She will call u.

Ok. Will do that.

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You can send me a message lets talk.

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Sure, will do that now.

All you ask for… Custom and for Free on https://business.logistix.com.ng .

Sounds like a very nice innovation. I would love to work with you on this project.