I am working on a travel and lifestyle solution for Nigerians travelling abroad

Hello everyone,

Recently I have started working on a new project that will provide travel and lifestyle solutions for Nigerians travelling abroad.

I am sure we can all agree that travelling abroad for a Nigerian is not a very smooth experience too much information and at the same time very little information. Our goal is to help Nigerians get the most from their travel experience.

I have seen that the Nigerian travelling community doesn’t get enough help based on my own experiences and that of my families.
Travel agencies both online and offline tend to focus mostly on visa consultation, accommodations and air ticket bookings, my product will go beyond this and offer more to truly care for the needs of this group that is why I have decided to work on it.

I have the feeling that there are future users in this community so please let me know what you think. I welcome any questions and suggestions.

As we progresses we will be updating this community on our developments.

Obovi A.


Interesting solution. I’d be following the updates as they progress.

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This is type thing https://www.travelout.ng/ is offering, what Nigeria need is information and the right support

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