Hushpuppi: Cybersecurity has a long way to go?

Dubai police said Hushpuppi and his team usually create fake pages of existing websites and redirected victims payments to their own accounts.
It was also discovered that the gang specialized in hacking corporate emails and sending fake messages to clients in order to redirect financial transfers and details to their own account.

My questions are:
Are there no online platforms to verify websites or payment platforms to ensure that they are not created by fraudsters?

How is the tech community worldwide responding to this to prevent such especially as it was learnt that over 1.9 million persons were victims?

Does our EFCC have the technical resources to track internet fraudsters like the Dubai e-police?

Are we going to see the Nigeria tech community working with EFCC to proffer solutions to reduce cyber crimes in Nigeria?

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Same forces that harass our tech community because u wear a dread, have a laptop or own an iPhone?

If they want the communities effort, they could issue bounty, provide grant to build them solutions.


I don’t think there’s been a global company or high-profile country that has successfully solved their cybersecurity problem long term, all they can do is manage. I bet it’s probably worse for Nigeria.
These guys will always find new ways to do fraud.

And for EFCC collaborating with tech guys, I don’t know if that would happen. Why? I think the system have people that cover the fraudsters and get their shares. Same thing that happens with some bank officials that help them cash out the laundered money and clean any traces of foreign transactions.
It seems na the pesin wey no cooperate dem dey expose


True talk.

Very true. I’ve witnessed this firsthand