How To Create A Book Under 7 Days From Scratch (without any

Would you say there is no time in creating your book?

Or you don’t just like the passive income creating a book brings?

Or maybe…

You tried creating your book a few months ago…

But somehow, you’ve been on it for days…

For weeks…

For months…

And it’s even crossed 12 months.


You feel like creating books take time.

Well, how long?

And then looking at the number of activities you have in stock and tasks demanding your attention, you feel there is way possible you’d be able to create yours.


I understand the fact that a lot of people spend a considerable amount of time in creating their products.

Some 12 months.

Some 3 years.

Some 17 weeks.

But really…

Does it mean creating books take that much time?

Well, nope.

If you’re like Grant Cardone, Jim Edwards… and me, you’d not like to wait that long time to create your book…

The long 9 month phase of creating a book or being an author. Common, that’s too far.

That’s the time to give birth to a child!


Can’t it be done fast?

Like under a month?

Two weeks?

Okay. Under 7 days?


In fact, I’ve once created a book under a day from scratch…

And it has made some persons millions…

That means the duration of time of creation doesn’t determine the value.

There are many silent secrets many people don’t know that can help you…

And anybody (even those with zero experience) create their book under 7 days.

Thankfully, I’d be showing that in a video training for free…

I’d be exposing the weird little secrets to help you create yours under 7 days in this video.


To your first book,

Ortega Ogomigo