How many fintech/banks do you have an account with?

Hi community,

I’m curious, how many banks and fintechs do you currently have an active account with? and how often do you open these apps to check your balances or transactions?

I have an account with Gtbank, Cowrywise, Bamboo, Kuda and it’s utterly painful managing my finances across all these apps. Opening them all to monitor and track is just a painful chore.

I would love to know if there are other people like me with this kind of problem

Cheers :green_heart:

I have 6 accounts from 5 different banks - GTbank (Current & Savings), Stanbic, Diamond(Access), Union bank, and First bank.
2 digital banks - Alat and Sparkle.
I hardly check my balance until except when I need to do a transaction. If I need my balance, I will check the last debit/credit alert text.

@Ebuka Thats great.
I am old school actually.
Ever since i opened an account
with stanbic bank i never looked back
Digital bank i use is OPAY APP.

i use 2 banks of which one is practically dead and useless to me …the other is half dead …however, i use a particular digital bank , so far i am impressed with the service they offer…and i have recommended this same digital bank to many friends …they are equally pleased…a breath of fresh air …

Let me guess

na , you far from it …this particular bank in question is Bi-Polar.

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GTBank from being the only one to accept a lowly student who wasn’t even 18 then. And the way they let you open a lot of accounts on the app, I’m not sure I should be counting my naira accounts and 1 each of pounds, euro and dollars (so boys fit collect any one!) as different accounts or as one.

Then there’s NYSC ones I may have closed? Ecobank or some other monstrosity. Salary accounts too. I don forget.

As per early adopter: Quickteller, 9pay (idiots, don’t let your domain expire again!), Paga maybe? Kuda, Eyowo and yeah, OPay?

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I have about 4 accounts, but I use only two.
Kuda and Access Bank.
Stopped using Stanbic last year when they removed all my money for ATM maintenance fee till my account entered minus…

ATM that I am not using.