How does Techpoint make money?

Am curious. How does Techpoint make money since there is no ads and sponsored posts on the site?

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interesting …

There are different ways we make money at Techpoint. I’ll leave @MuyoSan to answer this.

Hey @AbdulSamad. Techpoint Africa makes money in a number of ways.

  • We do have ad banners. We use a combination of Google AdSense and direct banner sales. Perhaps you are using an ad blocker or your browser (most likely Opera Mini) blocks them. If so, please ‘epp our ministry’.

  • We also have sponsored posts. They are transparently tagged ‘Press Release’ in red (for example)

  • Reports. The Nigerian Startup Funding Report sells for between $15 to $75, depending on the edition.

  • Publishing Partnerships. See partnership we had with Babalakin and Co

  • Events, via ticket sales, brand activations and sponsorship.

There are a few other revenue streams but these are the major ones.

If you are looking to do business with us, you can email :wink:.


Huh. I get it now. I’ve been wondering about how you guys make money over there all this while. Thanks for the comment. And lastly, I will disable the ads blocker, make I epp una ministry small :joy:


Can you please elaborate more on the sponsored post model?
Is there any fixed charges and how does the sponsorship works?

Yes, it’s a fixed charge. Article is written by the brand that is advertising and published as is (post-vetting).

Thank you for the honest reply.