How do I hire talented Developers?

How do I get a Talented developer for a project?

I’ll keep it simple. Befriend one.

Find a hub or community of developers and try to integrate. Make friends and soon you’ll find someone who you vibe with. Work with that person. This is however, easier said than done.

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The best option is to learn to hack yourself.

I agree but programmer nowadays are now very wise at what they will gain on whatever thing anybody will bring to them.

Thank You but this process suggested listed will take a long time. I just need developers who will work on a certain project and they will be paid off.

@manuelreports If you are not a developer yourself, it will be impossible to identify good ones from bad ones that may put your project at risk and waste your money as a result. What you can do is to use companies that specialize in building software projects for individuals and companies; they have mostly senior developers with lots of experience and would guide and help you map out your project. Andela is one of these types of companies that can help you, but there are also very good ones in Lagos apart from Andela that you can use.

“Now wise” seems to depict there were once not wise. At some point, programmers have to think their own gain too especially those who think they were used

Yes they were’nt as wise they are now. Well as for me, I am a developer in training and i have seniors who shared their bad and good experence with me on working on other peoples project while just finishing their traning.
And the advice They all gave me is that if a startup calls for me, i should always charge them high enough i can charge an alrealdy established company and if they cant afford it, i should offer them my service in exchange for a certain percentage of the company.

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Become one, or find one who can show you one…

Talented developers are scares, ignore the noise…and I can assure you, it will be difficult to get one without some risks or even failures.

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