How do I find startup ideas?

If you’re looking for a startup idea , don’t look outside for people to tell you what they want. Pick a personal problem, validate it, and if you see people actually are willing to use or pay for such a solution, then and only then start a company around it.


I got this concept from an AutoCAD draftman. He collects raw sketch from his clients (IDEAS) and transforms it to a 2D or 3D design.
The same applies when setting up a company.

Why go through the stress of finding ideas,when you can shamelessly copy successful startups like the Chinese do. :relieved:
After all, we do have me-too companies here in Nigeria, with paystack, okra and flutterwave all copies of something that exist in the US.


I quite agree with you. Tee-Square is a good drawing tool used by great achitects in the past.
Today 3D/4D/7D has taken over the world.
Without Tee-Square no one will ever think of
re-inventing our ARCHITECTURAL SPACE.


While you are right about copying (without shame) what the Chinese as you illustrated, do, I differ on the submission of not going through the stress of finding an idea. There is no rule in this regard. Copying what the Chinese do as an example, is in itself a form of finding start-up ideas.

Whether it’s a copy or a Netflix “Original” type of idea, what is certain is you are getting ideas about a start-up or whatever the pursuit may be. Sometimes, achieving the objective is what matters and not necessarily the process.


I’d say that Ideas can be found anywhere including the ones you copy (here is a good compilation where you can get great startup ideas)

We all know Jumia.

Its a copycat idea; the brainchild of a company called Rocket Internet whose business model is to copy ideas that succeed in the West and take it to emerging markets

But, having an idea is just part of the equation. What matters is how well you execute and win market share.

So flutterwave, Paystack, Okra etc did not succeed here just because the “original” ideas they copied (Stripe& Plaid) is good, but because of how well they EXECUTED their business model here.


You nailed it sir.

I want to thank everyone that commented on this topic.

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Thanks everyone for your contributions.


Look for problems, and think more about innovating.

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Alot of the time copying others idea is bad bcuz, you have to consider the market u are in, what strategies that company has used and how would it work in ur own market.

Rather than say copy, the best advice would be to use a company of choice as an inspiration to develop something unique. :wink:


The way I got the idea I’m currently working on is that I found a group of aggrieved customers who wanted a better way of getting a particular service. I spoke to most of them individually and they gave me so many pain points to work with and improve on. Throughout the development process of the product, I’ve not failed to discuss with this group to get some feedback. So, basically, I’m working for them. I’m trying to develop a solution to their problem that I believe they will be willing to pay for. So, I guess when I’m through with the product, I’ll have a handful of beta testers cum customers cum advocates. However, it’s not easy to find such a goldmine. But if you pay close attention to online discussions and other forums where people discuss issues, you could find a problem or two to solve and create a product for.


Well articulated👏🏽

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