How difficult do you find Crypto and Blockchain?

Recently, I started working on detailed guides that let different people get started with Blockchain and crypto.

After my research and personal experience around the crypto space, I figured three (3) categories of people around it.

  • Developers, looking to build stuff and integrate blockchain features into apps (for themselves and clients)
  • Traders, Investors and DeFi fans; these people here are not interested in any technical specification, they are here to make money. Buy low, sell high
  • Project founders and entrepreneurs; these are business people and innovators who are in need of blockchain technologies and platforms that best suites for them to execute their ideas

I started exploring crypto and blockchain since 2018. As one who has good software background, it was quick for me to grasp but the biggest challenge was and is still “information overload”, too much noise, the whole thing is too broad.

No doubt, Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain is the future of finance.

I started out with Ethereum which is too complicated, that is all I can say. I later found about Waves Protocol same here which made building and exploration pretty easier, we (I and my Team at Quru Lab) built some good stuff around it, platform, telegram bots, wallets, smart contracts and others.

Blockchain is some lines of code, everything else is how we interact with it.

I am here to help, what is your biggest challenge with getting started with Crypto and blockchain?

My biggest challenge is finding people in the third category you listed above to brainstorm, share ideas and build together solutions that improve crypto and blockchain technology as a whole. All I have is access to the people in the second category, and i am sick of it.

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Oh I knew, feel free anytime to reach out to me to assist. I have practically been on crypto and blockchain since 2018, actively exploring the technical and cases of the practical application of crypto and blockchain across Africa

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Wow!. I’d really appreciate that, thank you.