How can I make a post about something without making it look like an advert

How can I post about a platform for students in Nigeria without making it look like an advertisement? I last did and it was flagged an ad :disappointed:

I’m not an admin here but I suggest you bring up conversations related to issues the platform is solving. The first step is to engage with this community, and along the way, you’d find a way to share the platform for students.

I suspect you’re trying to build a community- I suggest you read this it should be helpful. It isn’t written by me or someone I “know” btw.


Wow thank you @Danieltadeyemi I just finished reading the article. I will apply what I read! :nerd_face:

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Hi @Seth_Michael, there are several ways you can talk about your platform here without advertising.

For example, you can introduce the platform to the community and ask for feedback and suggestions on what you can do better. This way you’d have successfully created some awareness about your platform while gaining valuable feedback and also adding value to other members who will also benefit from the insights shared.

The article @Danieltadeyemi shared has some cool ideas.

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Thank you @sammie, will do that :nerd_face::ballot_box_with_check:

I saw ur website, well done, I also created some things similar for africans I named it afrikas, and I can relate with you that marketing is not easy

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