GTBank’s fintech ambitions could lead to a future billion-dollar IPO

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), one of Nigeria’s most profitable banks, is moving quickly with its restructuring plans. In March, the bank told investors it would restructure into a holding company which would allow it to offer more financial services beyond pure banking.

And why am trying to convinced myself GTBank will not fail at this move?

Gtbank is the smartest of them all. I like that startup are giving them a run for their money. But they should have acquired a fintech. They need a team that thinks like a startup.

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EXACTLY @Adewale you are spot on.

What if they poach their team from different fintech startups?

This looks like something we’ve seen play out before. Amazon Vs Walmart, PayPal and Square Vs Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. I guess the biggest question is, can the likes of GT Bank out innovate the likes of Flutterwave and Paystack?

@Eruskkii , personally i feel GT bank and her other ugly sisters can NEVER innovate like Flutterwave , Paystack and co , the most she can do is to look less uglier than her other ugly sisters.

And if they could innovate, why wait till now?, they could have done that a long time ago ke. Lets not forget that these ugly sisters are loaded with good CASH. These dinosaurs are playing catch up with the new kids on the block…David and Goliath :microphone:.

With all their Billions, if they couldn’t innovate then , why expect them to innovate now.

The Digital Bank i currently use is the best thing that has happened to me when it comes to Service Excellence experience in all of my life in Nigeria FOR NOW , imagine? With my Digital bank I opened an account and got it running in less than 5 mins…the other day i visited one of the ugly sisters branch and i was handed like a 8 page account opening form to take home and fill…Talk of Innovation Tah!

See eh, theses entities will practically have to die and resurrect in a body , soul & spirit of one of the founders of Flutterwave , Paystack, Kudabank & co just to understand what innovation is all about.

My advice to them ugly sisters “take some of that Account Maintenance Money and invest it in the FinTech space” nonsense & ingredients !

Let me sips some lipton jor otutu yi kpor :tea:

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