Get a Laptop by paying part Instalment with PeerCosign Devices

AfricaHacks is working with Nanuric, a Canadian based company, and PeerCosign, a digital ID platform, to offer payment plans for Laptops. If you have proof of education, work experience, a side project, or something we can point to, you will be able to get a laptop without paying upfront.

See more details at and apply.

I will be available for the next 24 hours to take any questions about the offer, AfricaHacks or blockchain!

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Hello @uchi i suggest do this the proper way to get your message channeled better . see below :point_down:

nice one @uchi, and welcome to Community!

quick question, is this the primary service or AfricaHacks or it’s a one-off campaign?

if it’s the primary service, you should pitch it to be featured on Product Hub like @AlayeBaba suggested.