Future of made in Nigeria Motherboards?

What are the possibilities in starting one?
Would it be preferable?

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I think that will be very interesting, but you have to understand your market, limitations factors and value demand.

Who are you targeting and why should they buy from you?

What is the market value in our country and did you have unique method of approaching the market?

Cost of manufacturing and distribution nko?

What makes it unique? Cost, efficiency or speed?

If you are venturing into designing a hardware like motherboard or embedded systems, and you are Really serious… please message me let’s talk.

I have been looking for your kind since.

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Yeah very serious about this…

I am curious as to what will be special about a motherboard made in Nigeria:

Hmmm. It can’t be new etching technologies? Maybe its application?

Well, good to hear a Nigerian looking into silicon. The last time I tried to convince a friend to go into cosmetic surgery, I wasn’t successful.

I wish you more luck.