Finding co-founders and a reliable engineering team for starters

Hi community, there’s a few things bothering me for a while now.
There are young and well-meaning folks who have viable ideas they intend to bring to life but they can not afford a team and getting a co-founder who will be a CTO to work on this project keeps hitting the wall as it’s assumed that they want to be used for nothing in return. How can someone with no coding or design skills build a tech start-up? Your contributions, further questions for clarity and insights would be really helpful as I believe I fall into this category. Thank you


For a startup you want to establish, I’m assuming you’re bootstrapping.
Finding a co-founder or CTO can be very daunting. Few tips.

  1. Avoid pitching to potential co-founders in groups. It’s more effective when you pitch your idea to them one at a time and they ask all the questions they want.
  2. Try to come up with a foolproof pitch, such that you can clarify and easily explain solutions to what they perceive as holes in your idea
  3. If you’re having issues meeting people with the technical skillset… A great place to start is AngelList
  4. A last resort would be outsourcing to a development firm and then getting a co-founder after an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) has been developed.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much, this is quite insightful. I’ll try these tips out and see how much results I get. Thank you once again.